The comparison between Google+ and Facebook is unavoidable. The two companies haven’t always been the best of friends, and Google arguably launched its new social network as a direct challenge to Facebook.

It’s still early, but G+ seems to have been well-received thus far. Google CEO Larry Page said last week that Google+ has already added 10 million users who share about a billion items on the site each day. founder Paul Allen estimates that the number of users has climbed to 18 million this week. Then ComScore said yesterday that Google+’s user base had climbed to 20 million.

But Facebook has about seven years and 750 million users on Google+’s one month and 20 million or so Plusers. Not to mention, Facebook has been immortalized in an Oscar-nominated film. Needless to say, Google has some catching up to do. However, Facebook has suffered recently from low consumer satisfaction and pervasive privacy concernts. Regardless, the two social networks are on track to duke it out in the coming months.

Have you joined Google+? Have you been able to snag one of the highly-coveted invites to the baby social network? At this point, the service seems to be dominated by tech folks and early adopters, but as the aforementioned numbers indicate, it’s growing. It also got a boost this week when Apple approved the Google+ iOS app and released it into the App Store, where it quickly became the number one free app.

But do you have room in your life for more than one social network? It seems Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does; he joined Google+ within the first week of its launch.


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