Sometimes little kids do the absolute funniest things and don’t even realize it. That’s probably why this YouTube video is so great.

This video features two adorable little twins playing Just Dance 2 on their Nintendo Wii. Now, anyone who’s ever played that game knows it’s really not easy. Maybe I’m just uncoordinated, but these twins seem to have it completely mastered. They undoubtedly got a good score, at least for kids their age, but that’s not really the best part of the video. The part of the video that’s so cute is how into it the toddlers get.

The twins are rocking out to Outkast’s hit “Hey Ya,” which is a pretty perfect song to dance to in the first place. One of the twins clearly loves dancing and over exaggerates his moves, while the other one loves to sing. He adds extra notes to the choruses like a total diva. Both of the twins have equally as serious faces when you can bet their parents are cracking up. It’s too cute.

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