Just because an argument starts over Facebook in the confines of your safe bedroom or computer desk, doesn’t mean it won’t turn into a physical altercation down the line. Worse yet, once you start an argument on Facebook, the messages are archived forever as proof. These teenage girls learned that the hard way when their Facebook feud lead to a stabbing.

The 16-year-old girls had been exchanging profane messages over Facebook. According to information revealed in the court, the pair had always had a tumultuous relationship. The exchange ended with a final message — one of the girls wanted to continue the fight in person.

The accused showed up at the victim’s house looking for a fight 2 days after she posted the threat. When she arrived, she began throwing snowballs at the victim’s door, and once the victim came outside, they started to fight.

The fight became more violent when the accused slashed the victim’s forehead with a kitchen knife, then stabbed her in the chest, puncturing her lung. After stabbing the victim, the accused threw the knife into a snowbank and walked home. Once she arrived home in her blood-soaked clothes, the accused sent another Facebook message to the victim which would later be used as evidence. She wrote, “Let that be a f—— warning to you. Try s— again and I’ll f— you up even more.”

When paramedics arrived at the victim’s home, they found a huge hole in her chest. She was transported to the hospital immediately. Though her Facebook friend apologized in court saying, “I am truly sorry for what I have done,” the damage was done, and there’s evidence to prove it with all of the threatening messages that they sent back and forth on the social network.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an altercation arose and was documented on Facebook. Recently a teenager was arrested for assaulting a boy with a knife then bragging about it on Facebook, and a woman was arrested when she bragged about beating her friend with a baseball bat on the social network.

Source: www.scribbal.com

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