Women gamers enjoy gaming more than sex. Gaming also trumps taking a bath, shopping, and working out. Girls would always want to hang out with them, and gasp, have intimate encounters compared to playing games together.

2,052 people were surveyed by Doritos, and it shows that women game online as much as men do. 49% of women game online, just one percent behind 50% of men who game online.

Of the 49% of women who game online:

  • 84% enjoy their gaming session
  • 71% enjoy shopping
  • 70% enjoy sex
  • 62% enjoy working out

In conclusion, girl gamers are the same as guy gamers.

The survey was done to help promote Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook game.

“Social and mobile gaming is hugely popular and, as the survey reveals, amongst women as much as men,” said Doritos marketing manager Hugo Amos. “We wanted to create a game that is fun and entertaining for everyone. It will be exciting to see who tops the Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook leaderboard over coming weeks.”


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