“Weren’t you the one who said I was nothing? Well, I’m about to prove you wrong.” So go the opening lyrics to Rebecca Black‘s new single “My Moment” and it seems she’s right.

The Internet phenom’s long-awaited sequel to “Friday” has crossed 10 million views since its release on July 18. It would seem that the Orange County, California, schoolgirl is no one-hit wonder, at least on YouTube. It’s sweet revenge for Black, whose first hit was labeled “The Worst Pop Song of All Time” by The Independent. Not only has she proved more lasting stardom, but she’s done so with a song that takes on her critics. “Haters, said I’ll see you later,” she sings at one point, waving to the camera.Yes, and they’ll see her too, again and again on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Black seems to have a love-hate relationship with the song that made her famous. It’s not on her YouTube Channel and the original version, which racked up more than 167 million views, has been taken down, though at least one other version is currently available.

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