I have seen some pretty amazing marriage proposals on YouTube. There was the man who put together a movie trailer and surprised his wife by showing up at the theater, the man who followed in his footsteps and tried the same thing and the man who proposed with a giant mural painted on a building in New York City. The one thing all of these have in common is that the men completely surprised their fiancees, but what about scaring your future wife instead?

This recent marriage proposal video focuses less on the actual proposal and more on the giant joke. The man completely tricked his future wife into thinking he fell off of a 4 story building.

The proposal begins on the rooftop of a 4 story building. It starts the way you would expect a normal proposal to begin. The man gets up on the ledge and says he needs to make an announcement. He asks his friend to throw him the ring, and his friend throws it too high. The man reaches for it and falls off the ledge. Immediately, his girlfriend runs over screaming only to find that he’s landed on a giant pad with signs that say “Will you marry me?”

Of course, the girl says yes, but if that were me I’d be kind of mad he put me through such a scare.

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