One and half months from the launch date and Google Plus is in full swing, measuring its next logical step: Games.

If you go back in time and recall what made Facebook so popular among teenagers and college students, you can do the math. Of course, Google won’t do the same mistake over and over again, this time they are quick enough to add support for games in Google Plus., borrowing a little help from the same old player – Zynga.

Starting today, games in Google Plus will be rolled out gradually to all users, you can check your Google Plus profile for a fifth tab at the far right, as shown below:

Using the Games tab at your Google plus profile, you will be able to quickly filter gaming related updates from friends in your Google Plus circles. This is a direct counter to Facebook’s news feed system, which often gets cluttered and bombarded with tons of gaming and application updates. Google will provide a dedicated page for all things gaming, which is cool.

At this moment, Google Plus will launch 16 games which includes Angry birds, Dragon of Atlantis, Diamond dash, Edgeworld, Zombie lane and some more. I hope they won’t disappoint Farmville and Cityville fans.

Introducing Games in Google Plus is a giant step towards attracting the mass. Google did an amazing job in attracting the geeks and the tech savvy audience but if they want the crowd to chase the heck out of them, there is only one way – satisfy their basic needs. Social networking in 2011 has gone beyond one-on-one conversations, you have to have the entire mix in a well packaged format. Google knows that.

Some good news for game developers – Google will take only 5% on in-app purchases and transactions which is 1/6th of what Facebook charges game developers at this moment. This is a really big deal and Google is going aggressive to attract developers in the playground as well. Google says that this is just a promotional rate while a revised rate will be put into effect later.

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