EA’s massive FPS is still months away from release and not much has been seen of the game since the initial gameplay trailers were released and what little was seen at E3. EA so far, has done a great job of keeping things under wraps…until now. Not too sure who leaked it from ALPHA testing, but a few videos have surfaced from Battlefield 3′s multiplayer for PC and I must say, I am salivating profusely. In all honesty, Battlefield 3 may not beat Modern Warfare 3 in sales, but I believe it will be a better game.

The first thing that you see concurrent through all three videos, is the jaw dropping graphics. To date, in my opinion, this will be THE BEST, graphically-wise, looking game. The environments are expansive and just looking around, it looks beautiful. Delving into the gameplay, the game mode being played is Rush mode from the Bad Company series. Some of the other things you get to see are the destructable environments (trees getting knocked down, blasting holes into walls), awesome particle effects and uses of various classes (medic and engineer). Two cool features that really stuck out for me was the knife kill animations (which were freakin awesome!) and when an M-249 Light Machine Gun was used while prone (laying down) a tripod can be set down for less recoil and better aiming/more stability.

Yes, there are minimal graphical glitches, but everything runs very smooth and seamless. Also, do remember that the game is still in its testing stages. Battlefield 3 explodes into stores on October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Check it out for yourself:

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